Changi Airport to launch iShop in third quarter

Thanks;Charlotte Smith
Monday, 13 May 2013 06:38

During a presentation to TFWA Asia Pacific show delegates this morning, Monet S Aluquin, Assistant Vice President, Airside Concessions Division for Changi Airport, announced that in an effort to add greater value to its travellers and concessionaires, it is launching an online duty free shopping service.
On the airport’s temporary iShopChangi site, which indicates that the full website is ‘Coming Soon’, there is a short statement: “Tax and duty-free shopping is now easier with iShopChangi. For passengers departing from Singapore, simply shop from home, pay online, and pick up your purchases at Changi Airport just before your flight.”
Aluquin pointed out during her presentation that the launch of the online shop will add value to the relationship it has with its concessionaire partners as well as benefit the passengers. “Through the online portal, passengers can purchase from our concessionaires across all the terminals in the airport…This service will increase both the choice and convenience for our customers.

[Left: Monet S Aluquin, Assistant Vice President, Airside Concessions Division for Changi Airport]

“This gives our retail partners an additional retail channel, it transcends physical boundaries and limitations and lastly it offers our partners the opportunity to upsell or cross sell products.”

During the presentation – one of three made in Workshop B ‘Perfect Pitch’ at the Asia Pacific conference held in Singapore – Aluquin pointed to a record 2012 for the airport, which received over 51m passengers (with the Singapore to Jakarta route being the busiest). Aluquin confirmed that Liquor and Tobacco categories were responsible for the highest sales in 2012.

The thrust of her presentation centred on Changi’s aims to grow retail sales through active tenant management and excellence in airport service. Aluquin was keen to communicate to the audience that CAG continues to engage its retail partners in implementing key initiatives such as the Instant Feedback System, Tenant Portal and Basic Service Training for all frontline staff.