FEMA report: Climate change could increase areas at risk of flood by 45 percent

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Thanks;James West and Kate Sheppard | 13 Jun 2013 2:03 PM

Damaged homes along New Jersey shore after Hurricane Sandy

Rising seas and increasingly severe weather are expected to increase the areas of the United States at risk of floods by up to 45 percent by 2100, according to a first-of-its-kind report released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Wednesday [PDF]. These changes could double the number of flood-prone properties covered by the National Flood Insurance Program and drastically increase the costs of floods, the report finds.

The report concludes that climate change is likely to expand vastly the size and costs of the 45-year-old government flood insurance program. Like previous government reports, it anticipates that sea levels will rise an average of four feet [PDF] by the end of the century. But this is what’s new: The portion of the U.S. at risk for flooding, including coastal regions…

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