Thumb Your Nose at the NSA With Raspberry Pi

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20130620-211354.jpgReduce prying eyes with Pi. Creative CommonsPhoto: Ariel Zambelich/Wired
The NSA is watching you. But you can get around the agency’s prying eyes with Tor and a Raspberry Pi.

Adafruit has created a handy how-to to help you build a wireless access point that anonymizes your internet browsing. The Onion Pi Tor proxy directs your internet access through the Tor routing service. All your data packets go through three layers of relays before hitting their destination. This level of routing makes it difficult for anyone to determine who and where you are.

The main items you’ll need for the kit include: the Raspberry Pi model B, a Wi-Fi adapter, the Raspbian software distro, and a distaste for being monitored without a warrant. Once finished, you can plug the device into an Ethernet port and create a Wi-Fi hotspot that eludes the long ear of The…

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