Q&A: Veteran War Photographer Tim Page on Cambodia, Conflict and Getting High


Tim Page covered three decades of conflict across Indochina after falling into the industry as a 21-year-old during the attempted Laos coup of 1965. Page smuggled the only pictures of the putsch out of the country and was offered a staff job at the UPI press agency as a result. A native of Kent, England, he was shot four times during the Vietnam War and underwent extensive therapy after losing a sizable chunk of his brain. His penchant for chemical inebriation and eccentric personality was the inspiration for Dennis Hopper’s tripped-out journalist in Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, but it is his stunning pictures that have adorned countless publications the world over that remain the real stuff of legend. Now 69 and living in Brisbane, Australia, Page was in Cambodia during last week’s disputed general elections and spoke to TIME about the changing atmosphere there as well as the shifting…

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