Putting prostate problems in non-heterosexual men on the agenda

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Thanks;Jill Margo/The Australian Financial Review

PUBLISHED: 03 JUL 2013 00:33:18 | UPDATED: 04 JUL 2013 00:45:59

Interest in prostate cancer has increased over the last decade, but when researchers went looking for material on gay men and this cancer, there was hardly anything to be found.

There was an almost complete invisibility of gay men in the resources available, says Anthony Lowe, chief executive of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), which commissioned the research.

“Some organisations had changed the word ‘wife’ for ‘partner’, but any gay man could spot the tokenism. The imagery and language assumed a heterosexual norm.”

“We were a little embarrassed because we realised our resources are like that too,” says Lowe.

The PCFA has since been working to correct this and has set up support groups for gay and bisexual men in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and is in the process of setting them up…

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