Top Tables Update: Bangkok’s 10 Best New Restaurants 2013

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Thanks;Gregoire Glachant, Pieng-or Mongkolkumnuankhet | Oct 17, 201

Showing our dedication, we’re already thinking about our Top Tables guide for 2014 (out in March, next year). Here are the new restaurant openings most likely to make the cut—along with a few things that have fallen out of favor.

20131120-000350.jpgStill don’t have a copy of Top Tables 2013? Get it here.
1. Opposite Mess Hall


Under chef Jess Barnes’s stewardship, Quince placed third in Top Tables 2013. So really, there’s not much suspense as to whether his new venture, Opposite, will make the cut for Top Tables 2014. It’s the same wonderful Aussie-influenced European cuisine he was doing at Quince, and even if it’s been copied a lot since (see This Needs to Stop), he’s still the guy doing it best. The bigger issue is that Opposite is super noisy (a problem they’ve promised to address) and the bench seating is…

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