Big Ideas for 2014: The Year When the ‘Things’ Get Smart, the Connections Get Faster and the Technology Gets Personal

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Thanks;Nikolas Badminton
Dec 04, 2013


Back in December 2012, I published my technology predictions for 2013 in this very blog:

Convenience will send our lives into a creative low point
We will be tired of, yet even more addicted to, social media
We will start to celebrate locally connected societies more but with less conversation
It was a pretty cynical view, which for the most part rang true throughout 2013. What I feel really did happen is that connected society became a little more connected to their humanity. The rise of closed social connections, such as SnapChat and WhatsApp, has resulted in more invested connections and empathy. The ‘maker movement’, spearheaded by developments in 3D printing, has helped inspire home industry and shake up the retail industry. Even wearable computing, such as Google Glass, Recon Jet, FitBit, Nike FUEL, and Pebble has made people realize that life happens outside and…

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