10 Apps to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick


According to scientists, we’re terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Shocker, I know, kind of like that thing you’re always hearing bears do in the woods. “Willpower, like a bicep, can only exert itself so long before it gives out; it’s an extremely limited mental resource,” wrote Jonah Lehrer in a 2009 Wall Street Journal piece canvassing our cerebral proclivities — or lack thereof.

I can relate. I’ve never kept a New Year’s resolution much past that first week or two. What’s that Homer Simpson quote? “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is never try.” I’m not that despondent about annual self-betterment oaths, I just don’t think an arbitrary date’s the best way to recalibrate. Pick a date, any date, and if you’ve mentally girded yourself for the task ahead, it’ll do.

But okay, maybe your 2013 was long and arduous and you’re here looking…

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