bibim | Allston, MA Boston



bibim is a relatively new korean restaurant in allston. ugh, pork belly forced me to check it out.


the ambience doesnt feel like a korean restaurant. cozy, more like a cafe.

banchan – the potato one is usually my fave banchan, but this was wayy too sweet.


seafood ddukbokki with cheese

budae stew – spicy stew with sausages, ham, ramen, and vegetables.

since when korean food tastes so sweet and subtle? not sure if they are trying to cater to non-asians, i sure didnt like the food at bibim. never again. it’s almost comical when i read the 1st line on boston global ‘Nothing at Bibim, formerly Color restaurant, has been Americanized and the heat hasn’t been toned down either.‘ it’s completely the opposite haha.

i wish bibim was a cafe or a dessert place; very cozy to hang out, but for korean food, i would walk down the…

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