Countries can reverse growing inequality with the right domestic policies

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18 February 2014, New York

Growing inequality is neither destiny nor a necessary price to pay for economic growth according to UN DESA’s report which was released on Friday, 14 February, and national policies and institutions play a crucial role in defining inequality trends.

The Report on World Social Situation 2013: Inequality Matters, was launched during the UN Commission on Social Development, and has a special focus on policy and on the impacts of inequality, including among disadvantaged social groups.

According to the report, 7 out of 10 people live in countries where income inequality has increased in the last two decades. These include a majority of developing countries and some large emerging economies, most notably China. But income inequality has declined in a large majority of Latin American countries (14 out of 20) and in several African countries.

Unlike inequalities within countries, economic disparities across countries remain…

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