CIA Misled US Justice Department And Congress About Interrogation Of Its Detainees And Quality Of The Intelligence Gleaned: Senate Report

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on April 01 2014 2:14 AM


The lobby of the CIA Headquarters Building in McLean, Virginia, on Aug. 14, 2008. Reuters/Larry Downing

The CIA misled the U.S. Department of Justice and Congress on the interrogation techniques it used on detainees for questioning them about terrorist plots, a report by the Senate Intelligence Committee reportedly said Monday.

The classified report found that the agency’s “enhanced interrogation” program did not reveal the exact severity that was being applied by the agency after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and called untrue the CIA’s claims that the unique information the agency obtained about future terrorist plots could not have been attained by any other method. The 6,300-page classified report, built around the accounts of several CIA detainees on whom the agency sought permission to use its interrogation techniques, stated that the CIA’s methods did not reveal any significant findings, and disclosed the locations…

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