Japan’s ruling coalition wins larger majority

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Publication Date : 15-12-2014

Abe is expected to carry on his “Abenomics” economic policies after launching his third administration

The Liberal Democratic Party and its junior ruling coalition partner Komeito won a landslide victory in Sunday’s House of Representatives election, grabbing more than two-thirds of the total seats in the lower house.

The LDP won 290 seats while Komeito grabbed 35. The Democratic Party of Japan took 73, increasing from 62 seats before the Diet dissolution, while the Japan Innovation Party won 41. Meanwhile, the Party for Future Generations won two seats, losing significantly from 20 seats. The Japanese Communist Party took 21, boosting the number of its seats substantially from eight previously.

The absolute majority allows the ruling bloc to chair all lower house standing committees and hold a majority in all the committees.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is also LDP president…

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