Is Kim Jong Un the Last Bad Bond Guy?

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Thanks;Bill Powell / February 26, 2015 6:39 AM EST

The morning of July 1 last summer began like any other for Peter Hahn, a 74-year-old who had come to do extraordinary things in a place that he would never call godforsaken but which, nonetheless, is.

Tumen, China, sits on the border with North Korea; it’s a gritty city of 140,000, more than half of which is ethnically Korean. Like most of the region fronting this desolate border, it is poorer than much of the rest of eastern China. This is where, in 1997, Hahn decided to set up shop with his wife, Eunice, abandoning their comfortable life in suburban Los Angeles to pursue what would become his life’s work: trying to help the impoverished people on both sides of the border—but in particular…

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