The First Satellite To Ever Perform Quantum Experiments

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Thanks;Sneha Susan John


The 600 kg QUESS craft is going to be launched sometime this August. This Chinese satellite is the first satellite that will be performing quantum experiments in space. The satellite will be launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. This US$100-million mission is a collaboration between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

The satellite QUESS craft is going to generate entangled photons in pairs, and these photons will be blasted in China and Austria to test whether they stay together though they are distanced by 1200km. As per the quantum physics rules, these particles are linked and so even if they are a light years apart, altering the property of one changes the other as well. This quantum principle also negates with Einstein’s theory that states that nothing can travel faster than light. The team will also be performing a BELL test

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